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    Have you heard about the Villa Group Resorts? Did you know that they are one of the top resort providers in Mexico? Right now, they currently have ten stunning resorts in the country’s most popular tourist destinations. It is true! Do you know anything about timeshare ownership? Timeshare ownership is an excellent program that members get to prepay for their future vacations, but at a low rate that they lock in when they join.You may want to consider joining the Villa Group Elite membership if you would like to always spend amazing vacations in Mexico with your family and friends. The Villa Group Elite Club is a special division in the timeshare ownership program that brings extra perks and benefits, so your vacations are even better. Read below to learn how you can upgrade vacations with Villa Group Elite Club.

    Villa Group Elite Membership

    For starters, Villa Group timeshare members know that they will always have wonderful vacations while saving money at the same time. Life goes by so fast in today’s busy world, there is no price tag amount for spending time with your loved ones. Villa Group timeshare ownership program gives their members a certain amount of set time at their vacation unit every year. Most members spend one to two weeks each year in their vacation unit. When you lock in the low rates that they are today, you are saving money for all your future vacations as travel expenses are always on the rise. Plus, the amenities, accommodations, and services are unbelievably wonderful. If you want to boost your timeshare investment even more, then the Villa Group membership is how you can do that.

    Elite Membership Points System

    The Villa Group Elite membership program is based upon a points system. This is an exclusive upgraded program that uses a points system, so members can upgrade all their vacations that some members will not be able to access. There are three different levels based on the number of points you have collected.

    • First, the Elite level is the Four Star level, and you need to have at least 5,000 points.
    • Second level you need to have at least 10,000 points
    • And the last level is the Five Star and you will need to have 15,000 points and more.

    The more points you have means you can upgrade at any of the restaurants onsite, services at the spa, and better accommodations. Would you like to upgrade your membership to the Villa Group Elite Club? Contact member services today to learn more.

    Elite Membership Perks

    The Villa Group Elite membership comes with so many great perks, and members are thrilled that they have upgraded their membership. For instance, An Elite member can have a thirty day booking window and flexibility. In addition, when Elite members arrive at the resort, they will receive priority service. They can do a pre-arrival check-in that regular members aren’t able to do. You skip all the lines and the concierge is there to help you. If you request ahead of time, you can even arrange to do the check-in in the convenience of your vacation suite. This special division of the vacation club also has their very own call center, too.

    Villa Group Elite Club Accommodations & Amenities

    Next, Villa Group Elite Club members get priority for the top accommodations at each resort. Elite club members also receive VIP attention at all the restaurants and by the poolside, too. They enjoy extra high quality luxurious towels and some resorts have special pools designated just for exclusive members. In addition, Elite club members have access to personalized butlers, free WIFI, and so much more. There are so many perks and benefits to becoming an Elite club member.

    If you are interested in joining the top Mexico’s timeshare, then give the Villa Group a call today, so they can schedule you to attend a brief sales presentation. You will be given a tour of the resort, so you can see all the accommodations and amenities in person. Plus, COVID safety protocols have been implemented to help keep guests safe during their stay. If you are already a vacation club member, but you would like to upgrade vacations with Villa Group Elite membership, then contact them today. Their friendly and professional staff members will be glad to see if you have enough points and can explain more about the membership benefits, too. It’s a great way to make your vacation time and special moments with our loved ones even more memorable.


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