Thanksgiving in Mexico

Thanksgiving is a great excuse to take a vacation and fully enjoy the long weekend in October in Canada and November in the United States. Mexico is ideal for a short weekend break as most flights from major cities are regular, direct and not too long. You will also find some great deals around the time of Thanksgiving as you are not competing with Mexican national holiday-makers.

One of the advantages of visiting Mexico for Thanksgiving is that you can escape all the stresses and organization that often happens back home. Going away allows you to sit back and be pampered. Because of its close proximity to the States and Canada, Mexico caters excellently for Thanksgiving, and you will not miss out on the things you love to celebrate, including turkey dinners. The Mexican hospitality service is very experienced in delivering exceptional ways to enjoy this special family occasion.

There are a number of places to choose from, although popular beach destinations like Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun usually attract the most visitors during Thanksgiving. In theses tourist areas, in addition to American and Canadian families on vacation you will find a large Expat community who live there, whether seasonally or full-time. This adds an extra special touch to celebrating Thanksgiving abroad as you bond with your countrymen in another country.


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