Timeshare Membership: Upgrade or Cancel?

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    Have you recently bought a timeshare membership with the Villa Group and you are wanting to get more information on how you can get the most out of your membership and investment? The level of the membership you purchased will influence how much you will benefit with a timeshare upgrade to enjoy added flexibility and services when compared to a regular membership. Continue to read below to learn more information about a membership upgrade will be a smart choice for you, as opposed to trying to cancel your timeshare membership.

    Timeshare Memberships Varying Levels

    With each timeshare provider, there are memberships of varying levels. If you are doing research and you run across complaints left by timeshare owners saying they have a hard time booking at their unit, it may be due to the membership level that they have purchased. Timeshare members that have one of the lowest membership level may quickly learn that the popular units or even popular dates are just not available. It can also depend upon the time that you start making your vacation plans, too. Are you having problems scheduling your vacation time with your timeshare? If you are, you should avoid trying to cancel your membership, and instead you may want to consider doing an upgrade with your timeshare membership as this will give you more flexibility for your vacations.

    New Timeshare Membership Buyers

    Have you recently just become a new timeshare member and you are having a hard time trying to schedule your first vacation with the resort? If you are, then you might have learned that most of the popular units have already been pre-booked for the rest of the year and maybe pre-booked into next year, too. Do not become worried or alarmed thinking that you are a victim to a timeshare scam. You should start planning your vacations early and as soon as you can to have best results. Also, you should beware of any timeshare cancellation companies that contact you trying to convince you that they can cancel your vacation ownership membership for you. Always be leery of any third-party companies that have no association with your existing provider. These type of scammers are only going to charge you a hefty upfront fee, then never help you at all. If you have any issues or concerns with your membership, you should contact your timeshare provider personally. If one of your problems is scheduling your vacations, then you may want to consider purchasing an upgrade level to your timeshare membership. This would allow you the ability to reserve the best units and suites along with getting the popular dates, too.

    What to Know About Timeshare Membership Level Upgrades

    One of the best timeshare solutions to a membership issue is with a simple membership level upgrade. A timeshare membership level upgrade is the best investment for your vacations. The membership level upgrade will provide you with added flexibility and choices with your existing provider. Always talk directly with your current provider and you can find out what membership level upgrades are available for you. If you attend another sales presentation with a different vacation ownership provider, then you may end up inadvertently buying a second membership instead of a simple membership level upgrade. Sadly, this is a common mistake that occurs to timeshare membership owners because they were looking for help and another company preyed on them. You can avoid being scammed by only talking and working with your timeshare provider regarding all membership level upgrades. Some timeshare providers also have an in-house point system that allows their members to store points that they can use in the future. Vacation ownership members can use the points to make their vacations much better. If you want to have the best timeshare membership possible, they you should think about upgrading your timeshare membership level so you will have flexibility, more options, and better vacations.

    In conclusion, you can make the most with all of your vacation time if you consider an upgrade with your vacation ownership membership level. You should make sure to avoid any third party providers who try to convince you that they can cancel your timeshare membership. They are probably scammers, and you may end up purchasing a second membership by mistake. Always work with your current timeshare provider and ask about any upgrades with a higher membership level.

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