The Worst Ever Timeshare Nightmares in Mexico

    Timeshare Nightmares in Mexico

    Have you encountered articles about timeshare scams, vacation club fraud, and other negative reports about timeshare? It’s time to shed light to these statements. This article will keep you posted about the real dangers facing individuals who purchase a timeshare in Mexico.

    This cutthroat list has all the dangers attached when you buy a timeshare in Mexico. Don’t be amazed when you find yourself in awe of these. The worst ever timeshare nightmares in Mexico may not be what you think!

    Uneven Tan Lines

    Most summer vacations result in this nightmare, and your Mexico timeshare is no exemption. Sunbathing in public will result in having tan lines that you will have to deal with later one. Just make sure it’s not wonky.

    Making New Friends

    Keeping in touch with your family members and friends is already a tasking job, what more getting in touch with everyone through Facebook and other social media. This is what to expect when they discover that you have bought a Mexico timeshare. You will gain more friends each time you spend a vacation in your home resort. One of your worst timeshare nightmares in Mexico could be having to keep in touch with some many people.

    Too Much Smiling

    Your wrinkles will appear worse after smiling a lot under the sunshine just because you are having such a good time. Be sure to put on generous face sunscreen to avoid this timeshare nightmare in Mexico.

    Everyone Wants to Come with You

    When you start getting the word out about your Mexico timeshare purchase, chances are there will be several of your relatives or friends who would want to go with you. You can avoid this timeshare nightmare in Mexico by having them attend a presentation and encourage them to buy their own timeshare.

    Packing for your trip

    Everybody hates packing. It’s hard to decide what to take for a week’s vacation in Mexico’s top tourist destinations, especially when your whole family including the kids are joining. You can save yourself from trouble by not investing in any timeshares.

    Frozen or On the Rocks?

    While visiting your Mexico timeshare, you will have to make big decisions. One is whether you like your margarita frozen or on the rocks? The waiter will even offer trickier questions like if you want a mango, tamarind, or strawberry margarita, all the while you were thinking, “I thought margarita was made with lime?”. Worst ever timeshare nightmare indeed!

    Vacation envy

    It’s tough having to hide all those Mexico timeshare vacation photos. You don’t want any of your friends making envious comments about the good times you had. Other timeshare owners approach this nightmare with a strategy. They would invite their friends to join them on their next vacation instead to avoid the jealousy.

    Too Much Spouse time

    Spending 24/7 with your spouse could turn into a timeshare nightmare if you lack careful planning. You may be one of those who is just not cut out to spend time in the company of your nearest or dearest. You can take some time apart by indulging yourself in your resort’s spa.

    Weight Gain

    This is timeshare nightmare which is hard to avoid will all the delectable dishes offered during your stay in Mexico. You can at least make trips to the gym at your timeshare resort to burn some calories.

    We want to know your worst ever timeshare nightmares in Mexico. Add your comments here.

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