Fake Timeshare Cancellation Shills

    Fake Timeshare Cancellation Shills

    You may be familiar with internet trolls but what are internet shills? Internet shills are very similar to internet trolls though their intention is to provide fake reviews and advice rather than insult other commenters. Both internet trolls and shills have a common goal, which is causing problems for blogs and websites that are genuine. Unfortunately internet shrills are not going anywhere in the near future.

    Protecting consumers from internet shills

    Thankfully, TripAdvisor and similar sites are doing everything to stop these shill scammers from posting on website, but readers should remember that comments that have been left on blogs and articles are often comments that have been made by internet shills and trolls rather than genuine people. One of the most common internet shrills seem to be involved in promoting timeshare cancellation companies and their services.

    What are fake timeshare cancellation shills?

    Anyone who is frequently on the internet is familiar with internet trolls and their traits of leaving comments to start a fight. Usually, trolls will leave an offensive comment or message just to get a response from others. The internet trolls are not being paid to leave offensive comments as they just enjoy this sickness, but internet shills have a goal. Most internet shills are actually paid to leave comments on blogs, articles, and many forums, and they do this for a reason. For example, fake timeshare cancellation services use shills to comment on their own company’s website along with timeshare complaint forums too in order to promote their business.

    How do fake timeshare cancellation shills operate?

    The fake timeshare cancellation shills operate by leaving controversial comments about genuine timeshare companies on many different websites, including TripAdvisor. They also leave negative comments on websites that individuals go to in search of advice about their timeshare problems. The internet shills will start off by targeting popular, reputable, and genuine timeshare companies because the internet shills know that they will be noticed by more individuals. Often, the shills will work together in pairs. The first shill will actually work for a timeshare cancellation scammer will write a false complaint about a timeshare vacation club, then the shill will pretend that they are a member of the timeshare vacation club and they are there looking for assistance and help. Just this type of comment will damage on a genuine timeshare company. The second shill will make a comment to the first shill’s complaint by recommending the “XXX” fake timeshare cancellation services by stating that they can cancel a timeshare membership that can’t legally be cancelled.

    Here is an example of a fake timeshare cancellation shills scam:

    Shill A: I want to cancel my timeshare membership with Big Life Timeshare. How can I do this?
    Shill B: If you are wanting to cancel your timeshare membership, then you should contact Caribe Timeshare Solutions. This company was able to cancel my timeshare membership and I didn’t have to pay any upfront fees. I understand what you are going through because I felt hopeless just like you are feeling right now. I was thrilled with their services. You can go to their website by clicking on this link.

    Do you understand now? Sometimes an unhappy customer left the first complaint, then the fake timeshare cancellation shills will take advantage of the customer being unhappy and they reply as the internet shill. The timeshare cancellation company can’t cancel any timeshare membership once the cooling period has expired, and the fake timeshare cancellation companies is only wanting to take your money. They use a variety of methods to convince you that they are indeed a reputable and genuine company and they even go as far as to even add false reviews and comments on many different websites and forums of timeshares.

    You should beware of fake timeshare cancellation shills.

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