Villa del Palmar Scam Advice

    If you are here because you think you may have been involved in a Villa del Palmar Scam, you have some to the right place. This article is dedicated to all kinds of Villa del Palmar Scams.

    Unfortunately, scammers are becoming more and more savvy in all areas these days, and the timeshare industry is no different! Over the years timeshare providers have weathered the negative effects to their reputations that came as timeshare scams rose to prominence.

    Thankfully timeshare scams are much less common now, but that’s not to say that you should throw all caution to the wind. Here are the best tips we have to help you avoid being caught out by timeshare scammers.

    Protecting yourself from a Villa del Palmar Scam

    Cancellation – Villa del Palmar Scams

    Canceling your timeshare membership is one of the biggest areas for timeshare scams. The best thing to remember is that you cannot cancel your timeshare scam unless you do so within the cooling off period. After that time, any company that says it will cancel your timeshare is basically lying. These Villa del Palmar scams call claiming that they are able to cancel the timeshare in question without negative ramifications. They do so, of course, in return for a fee.

    This fee will be pretty considerable, but more worryingly you could find yourself in a position of believing you no longer have to pay your timeshare fees. When you default on these payments you could end up with a timeshare headed for foreclosure, and your personal assets at risk.

    Avoid Villa del Palmar Resales

    When buying a timeshare you should always try to buy directly from the sales room on the resort as the resale market has recently been flooded with scammers. There are a few aspects to the danger when it comes to resale scams: you could find yourself left with agents fees for a property that never changed hands, a seller who disappears with your money or an invalid membership. This is why we would urge you to only buy from the company’s own sellers in the sales room. This is not such a common Villa del Palmar scam these days as more people are becoming more savvy, and less trustful of random timeshare sellers.

    Timeshare Cold Callers

    When you find yourself a happy Villa del Palmar owner you might get to thinking that you are well out with the reach of scammers and fraudsters. But there has been a rise in a new Villa del Palmar scam, a phenomenon which sees individual’s cold calling owners of Villa del Palmar timeshares to tell them that they have a buyer looking to purchase their timeshare at a high price. They try to hook even the most contented owners by offering truly huge fees, and asking for a small finder’s fee in order to set up the deal.

    We hope that these tips will help you to avoid being caught out by fraudsters and keep yourself safe from a Villa del Palmar scam when you are buying, selling, or simply enjoying your timeshare.

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