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Puerto Vallarta’s Best Activities

Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most stunning and popular tourist destinations and has been for many years. It’s very easy to understand why so many people flock here on a yearly basis when you look at the stunning beaches, varied wildlife and the huge selection of interesting activities to take part in, and beautiful landmarks to visit, that it boasts. Puerto Vallarta could provide you with something to do every day of your vacation and still offer new activities for you next time, but here’s our top picks to help you get the very best from your vacation!

  1. Zip lining Through the Tree Tops
  2. Adrenaline junkies will love this activity, and nature lovers should really consider it (even if you’re a little afraid of heights). You see the mountains and ravines of Puerto Vallarta are the perfect place for zip-lining, and zip-lining is the very best way to see them. When you’re flying along worn river canyons, or through the jungle you’ll be glad you faced your fear!

  3. Boardwalk Strolling
  4. One of the activities that will not cost you even a dime, Puerto Vallarta’s famous seafront boardwalk has recently had a face life, so to speak, and is now better than ever. From here you can see the delightful flowers and bushes that have been planted along it as well as catching some of the most stunning sunsets in Mexico. What’s more you’ll be delighted by the street performers that dot the malecon.

  5. Activities and Fun at Los Arcos
  6. The Los Arcos rock formation is easily one of the most iconic sights on Mexico’s Banderas Bay. You’ll find postcards, framed photos and paintings of it dotted around, but trust us when we say that a visit to the real thing is in order! From the shore you can see many different bird species as well as some marine mammals, and if you’re up for some snorkelling you’ll be amazed by the number and diversity of fish species that live around its base.

  7. Dance the Night Away
  8. Party animals won’t be disappointed by Puerto Vallarta’s nightlife activities, that’s for sure. Whether you want to have a romantic dinner, a wild night in the clubs, or a friendly catch up in a bar Puerto Vallarta will be able to offer you something!

  9. Whale Watching Activities
  10. If you’re in Puerto Vallarta between November and March then you could be in line to see some of the most spectacular mammals on this earth. You see during the winters months whales make this section of Mexico’s coast home, and there are plenty of licensed companies who will be happy to take you out

  11. Sleepy Fishing Villages
  12. Around Puerto Vallarta there are still many fishing communities that can only be reached by boat, the most popular being: Yelapa, Las Animas and Quimixto. These villages, when visited, might give you an idea of what Puerto Vallarta looked like 100 years or so ago. Though you could enjoy these beaches and the communities on their own it would be advisable to venture into the jungles either on horseback or on foot.

  13. Pirate Activities
  14. One of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular icons, is the Marigalante pirate ship that can be seen on the horizon both day and night. The pirate galleon in operation in Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful replica of the 17th Century Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus’ flag ship. The Pirate activities by day are ideal for children and adults providing an entertaining tour of the bay, while the show by night is a dazzling display with, entertainment fireworks and an open bar for adults.

  15. Golfing Opportunities
  16. If you’re a golfer then Puerto Vallarta will prove to be the perfect vacation destination for you! There are dozens of world class, championship standard courses to enjoy within the hotel zone and surrounding areas.

  17. Las Caletas
  18. Las Caletas was once home to John Huston, but is now one of the most popular sites in Puerto Vallarta for tours and day trips. Some tours will take you down to that beach for activities during the day or offer you a nice, flame-lit romantic dinner followed by a Pre-Hispanic show which includes dancing and fire rituals at night.

  19. Fishing
  20. Fishermen couldn’t possibly be disappointed by a vacation in Puerto Vallarta; there are plenty of charter boats and many companies who’ll be willing to take you out for some top notch sport fishing. Common in these waters are tuna fish, marlin, sail fish and red snapper. You might even see other kinds of marine wildlife if you’re lucky.

With some many amazing activities to choose from, it is no wonder that Puerto Vallarta is top of your list this summer.

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