The Villa Group Timeshare Destinations in Mexico

    Nuevo Vallarta Villa Group timeshare destination

    If you are looking for a great vacation in a tropical paradise like Mexico, no one can give it to you any better than the Villa Group Timeshare chain. For more than 30 years, the Villa Group has proven to be one of Mexico’s top timeshare companies with a number of Timeshare Destinations that you will surely love to visit. Fabulous beaches, gorgeous sights, fun filled activities; you name it and the Villa Group will take you there. Here is a list of Villa Group Timeshare Destinations in Mexico:

    Puerto Vallarta

    Puerto Vallarta Villa Group timeshare destination

    One of Mexico’s top tourist destinations, Puerto Vallarta still continues to charm thousands of people everyday with its enchanting features and comely sceneries. With numerous sandy beaches that will leave you in awe, you can have a jaw dropping view of Mexico when you go into its jungle covered mountains.

    Enjoy its mile-long boardwalk called the Malecon and have a drink or two on the bars and restaurants that line it. You can buy souvenir items from its shops, stores or from the street vendors selling all kinds of stuff. Mexican hats, t-shirts, beach slippers, local crafts, personalized items and many more, are available for your needs and gifts for your love ones after your vacation.

    Whale watching is also one incredible experience. See these mammoth creatures in the flesh and be amazed by their size and gentle ways. Try skydiving, it is a thriller that will give you an adrenaline rush.

    Whatever you like to do to having fun on vacation to Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has it all.

    Cabo San Lucas

    Cabo San Lucas Villa Group timeshare destination

    The beach vacation destination of Cabo San Lucas on the Baja California Peninsula is one greatests timeshare destinations to visit once you become a member of the Villa Group. Experience life under the sun in one of its premier beach resorts, the Villa del Palmar Cabo.

    Cabo San Lucas boasts many different activities like ATVs hire to explore its plains, mountains and jungles; see its scenic views and appreciate Mexico’s hospitality. Parasailing is also a favorite sport as Cabo’s shallow waves and calm waters plus the strong sea winds make it all ideal. Go on a tequila tour and taste the different kinds of tequila made and perfected the Mexican way. Try horseback riding, go fast and be like a cowboy lost in this paradise island. If you want a slower ride, then you can ride on a camel; with its humpy back, it is sure one rough ride that will make you scream out of excitement all the way. Dining in the cozy restaurants and local eateries in Cabo San Lucas will provide you the needed energy to enjoy all the fun and adventures that are available in Los Cabo.

    Nuevo Vallarta

    Nuevo Vallarta Villa Group timeshare destination

    Just a few kilometers away from the Villa Group timeshare destination of Puerto Vallarta is yet another stunning vacation destination served by Villa Group timeshare membership. Nuevo Vallarta, another favorite on any visitor’s list, is an area known for its luxurious hotels and extremely fabulous beaches.

    The Villa Group’s timeshare resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Villa del Palmar Flamingos provides great accommodation and a relaxing stay as you explore the fantastic features of Nuevo Vallarta. There are excellent restaurants for you to gorge on delicious food and enjoy fine Mexican and international cuisine. Swim playfully along with dolphins or take a stroll on Nuevo Vallarta’s super soft sand.

    Nuevo Vallarta is a serene place and a getaway for lovers who want some romantic moments to remember. Hold hands together as you walk aimlessly within its heavenly beauty. If you want these memories to last a lifetime, ponder on the thoughts of living here permanently and buy a unit at Villa La Estancia Residences.


    Cancun Villa Group timeshare destination

    Famous for a variety of reasons, Cancun is one place that really rocks. The Villa Group’s Villa del Palmar Cancun will give you the ultimate in luxury living with its 5 star accommodation and facilities. Strategically situated, staying here puts you in a great position to reach all of Cancun’s fun spots without having to deal with all the crowds.

    Take a dive into a fresh water sinkhole called cenotes and have a snorkeling adventure and see Cancun’s deep marine resources. Swim with the whale sharks or visit the underwater museums and shipwrecks. If you want to explore more, then rent a jeep and go to Sian Ka’an Biosphere, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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