5 Things you should NEVER do on vacation to Mexico

    5 Things you should NEVER do on vacation to Mexico

    Mexico is one of the very best vacation destinations in the world, and like any vacation hotspot it can get pretty crazy; ever heard the phrase “what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico”? Well certainly the parties get lively, but keep in mind that, just like anywhere, Mexico has its rules and regulations. So check out our 5 things to never do in Mexico (thought to be fair number 5 should be universal).

    1. Never eat turtle eggs
    2. You may be offered the chance to buy turtles eggs, or food made with them, for consumption. If you are, please refuse; turtles are protected animals and the local authorities try their best to collect the eggs and get them to sanctuaries. Although it is illegal to sell turtle eggs in Mexico, some locals still collect them for such purposes.

    3. Don’t make fun of the Virgin of Guadalupe
    4. Insulting or making fun of the Virgin of Guadalupe is rather like making fun of someone’s mother; she is respected and revered throughout Mexico. The Virgin is an apparition of the Virgin Mary who was reported to have been seen by an indigenous campensino, St. Juan Diego, in 1531. There are many churches and streets named after her.

    5. Don’t Dive without a guide
    6. Diving in Mexico is one of the most intense and awesome experiences you will ever have, but you should always take a guide with you whether you are a divemaster or not. Local guides can tell you where all the best spots are, and, more importantly, they will know where is safe to dive. Cave diving in particular is something that should never be attempted without a guide.

    7. Sunbathe nude or topless
    8. Mexico is a very religious and traditional country in many respects and, as such, it’s illegal to sunbathe without a swimsuit or to go topless. Doing so can result in a reprimand from the local police.

    9. Never say you don’t like the cuisine or local drinks
    10. This should stand no matter where you go; telling your hosts that you dislike their food or drinks is very rude, but in Mexico the food and drinks, such as tequila or mescal, are a part of the culture.

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