Are you ready to explore the beautiful and exciting parks in Cabo San Lucas? When you arrive to Cabo, then you should really take some time out of your vacation to enjoy the Cabo parks. There are so many beautiful and breathtaking Cabo parks that let you experience nature at its finest in the peninsula of Baja California. There are small parks right in the center of town in Cabo San Lucas. The small park is called the Town Square. The scenery is great!

    While in Cabo San Lucas you should go to the San Jose’s Bird Sanctuary if you absolutely love nature. The Desert Park Natural Reserve and The Wirikuta Botanical Park are also great for nature lovers. The Cabo Pulmo National Park features an underwater scenery where visitors can actually do some scuba diving too. There are plenty of wonderful gardens, parks, and excitement in Cabo.

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    Town Square

    A small park on the north side of Cabo is the Town Square. The Town Square has big, beautiful trees, which provides excellent shade on those hot, sunny days. Residents and visitors enjoy the Town Square Park daily just to enjoy the beauty that the park has to offer or to have a picnic. The park is close to shopping, restaurants, and exciting museums too.

    San Jose’s Bird Sanctuary

    The San Jose’s Bird Sanctuary is perfect for bird watchers. The sanctuary has pelicans, exotic birds, and other beautiful species. If you love birds, then this place should be put at the top of your ‘to do’ list. The sanctuary also provides kayaking in the park area, and you will find other fun things to do when you stop by the visitor’s center at the entrance to the park.

    Wirikuta Botanical Park

    The Wirikuta Botanical Park has over 1500 different plants, and cacti from all over the world. The park shows the lifestyle of the Mexican people. There is over a million different plants to see along with three huge pyramids that were built centuries ago. They are made from massive granite rocks. There are acres and acres of plants to be seen here at this park.

    Desert Park Nature Reserve

    The Desert Park Nature Reserve is in an area that has mountains and a desert region, from where you can see the sea. To experience this park fully you should go on one of the guided tours offered, which includes a 4 wheel drive ATV. The tours are approximately three hours long, and the cost can range up to seventy five dollars. The park is open each day at nine in the morning and closes at five in the evening. There is no cost to go to the park.

    Cabo Pulmo National Park

    The Cabo Pulmo National Park is just a few miles from the center of Cabo San Lucas. What stands out at this park is the blue, clear waters where you can see coral reefs and a variety of fish. This is an excellent area to do diving or snorkeling, because of the clear waters and marine life.

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