Mexico Vacation Packing Pointers

    When you are making your “to do” list for your Mexico vacation it is an exciting and fun thing to do. The type of Mexico vacation you will be taking will determine the items you must plan on packing.

    Packing for a Mexico vacation to the beach

    If you are going on a vacation to popular beach resorts in Mexico such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, or even Cancun, then you won’t have too much planning to worry about on what to pack. Will your vacation be a week or two? One thing you don’t need to worry about is if you forget to pack something, because there are plenty of shopping centers, markets, and vendors at any of these vacation locations. When you are packing for your Mexico vacation, you should aim to pack lightly, because you will want to have plenty of space in your suitcase to bring home fun souvenirs such as Mexican crafts, embroidered textiles, a bottle of tequila, colorful beach towels and ceramics, to mention but a few. These fun souvenirs will always remind you of your fun vacation in Mexico.

    Packing for a Mexico backpacking vacation

    If you are going to be vacationing in Mexico backpacking, then the key is to not to pack a lot of items, but enough items to ensure you are covered for all weather elements. The beach offers hot, humid, and sunny weather, but if you are going more north towards the mountains, then you will want to pack items that are warmer. You should always pack waterproof items that will keep you dry along with protecting you from windy days. You should also pack hiking boots and sandals, because you can wear the boots hiking in the mountains and sandals on the beach. It is also a good idea to bring your own towel, because the cheaper hotels don’t offer towels to their guests.

    Packing items you must have for your Mexico vacation

    There are items that you must pack for your Mexico vacation, which include:

    1. Your daily medication such as your inhaler, heart or blood pressure medicine, any EpiPens for allergies. The drugstores in Mexico may not have the exact type of medication that you take, so you should make sure you bring enough to cover the time you are on vacation in Mexico.
    2. English books and magazines. If you purchase English reading materials in Mexico, then the price is much higher than in the United States or Canada and the choice is limited.
    3. Tanning lotion and sunblock should be brought with you, especially if your skin is sensitive or easily allergic to other brands.

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