Avoid Paying All-Inclusive Fees in Your Timeshare?

    When most people buy a timeshare, they are usually attracted to the idea of having a vacation home in a beautiful setting that they can call their own. Accordingly, timeshare units are designed like homes, commonly with kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and balconies in addition to the bedrooms. Therefore, paying extra for an all-inclusive package is not likely to be on your mind when you come to spend your timeshare week in your property. Many people take advantage of cooking in their timeshare unit to save money on the high prices of eating out in restaurants for every meal.

    Many resorts that offer timeshare properties also function as a hotel, sometimes offering all-inclusive packages. In these cases, it should be quite easy to avoid paying all-inclusive fees by simply not eating at any of the restaurants in the resort and dining in your own units. However, in most cases, the resorts also have room only plans, which means you can pay for what you eat, charging it to your timeshare suite.

    Frequently, all-inclusive resorts will give timeshare owners the opportunity to buy an all-inclusive pass, whether that be for the whole stay or just a day or two. This means that you can benefit from the resort’s all-inclusive provision when it is convenient for you. In effect you have the best of both worlds.



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