Free Gifts at Timeshare Presentation

    Most people have to admit that we all like to get something for nothing, or at least feel we have received the best deal we could find. Timeshare presentations work on this same psychological principle to attract visitors to the resorts in order to potentially sell a property. We are offered a gift to say thank you for our time, with the possibility that one in so many couples will end up buying a timeshare to pay for all of our gifts!

    So what’s the catch?

    In most cases, there is no catch, except that you are expected to fall in love with the timeshare resort and acquiesce to the charms of your seller upon arrival. Although the seller may indicate otherwise, timeshare companies do not expect all visitors to buy just because you are given a free gift, but the idea is to expose you to the delights of what they are offering and to explain the possibilities of how you can make a timeshare part of your reality.

    However, there are occasions when you should take extra precautions, and that is when the timeshare gift seems disproportionate to the profit the company stands to make, such as a free car or boat etc. Under those circumstances there is very likely to be a catch like a release fee, or delivery costs and so forth. There have been some cases of gift scams whereby couples have been asked to pay to enter a raffle in order to win their prize!

    Realistic Gifts

    As a rule, legitimate timeshare companies will offer gifts that are reasonable, and that probably don’t cost them so much, such as discounts on activity tours, vouchers for the restaurants on the resorts, bottles of wine and so forth. Another incentive that is very popular and certainly not a scam is when you buy a greatly subsidized vacation from a timeshare operator in return for attending a timeshare presentation when you arrive. These are great discounts which mean you can get to know the destination better.




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