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    The timeshare owners’ reviews of The Villagroup stand testimony to the excellent reputation held by one of Mexico’s leading timeshare and residence club developers. With a chain of excellent family and luxury resorts in the best beach vacation destinations in Mexico, it is no wonder that The Villagroup comes out top in customer reviews.

    You can find a Villagroup resort in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Loreto all taking the name Villa del Palmar (Villa del Arco in Cabo). The leading timeshare developer’s great reputation stems in the main from its commitment to choosing the best locations in Mexico, dedicated to quality and value for money.

    A contributing factor to the company’s success is the attention given to customer reviews and the suggestions and complaints notes. Timeshare owners at Villa del Palmar resorts are encouraged to leave suggestions or write a review of their stay as a means of helping the Villagroup improve its services for the future, with the aim of providing the very best services.

    One of the main points of praise that Villa del Palmar resorts receive in the customer reviews make reference to the accommodations. Most positive reviews mention how happy owners are with the size of the suites, especially those that come with kitchen and living areas. Many reviews make reference to the elegant decoration and great quality furniture that are characteristic of all the Villa del Palmar timeshare units.

    Another common feature of the timeshare reviews are favorable comments about the installations and facilities of the Villagroup resorts. There are frequent positive comments about the layout of Villa del Palmar resorts and the stunning swimming pools and water features. Reviews also mention the world class spas and the amazing facilities and treatments offered.

    The way that the Villa del Palmar resorts deal with negative reviews has a lot to do with its success. The Villagroup are quick to deal with problems and complaints to ensure that they become an impetus for improvement. This capacity to resolve guests’ issues has a positive impact on Villagroup’s reviews

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