What is Best? Blocked weeks or Points System?

    The traditional timeshare model worked on the basis of buying a blocked week. When timeshare began in the 60s, properties were divided into the number of weeks in the year and owners were allocated a week. Nowadays timeshare has evolved to become more flexible and to provide greater option for its clients, and that is where the points system comes in.

    Within the blocked week model there are variants: floating weeks, rotating weeks and fixed weeks. In all cases, the timeshare property is divided into 52 weeks, however, with a floating week you can choose any week within a certain period or season, the rotating week jumps forward or back each year, while the fixed week is just that, it doesn’t change – you can use the same week every year. The advantage of a fixed week is that if you buy within a prime time period, like Christmas or Thanksgiving, you are guaranteed accommodation during that time and you don’t have to depend on luck.

    On the other hand, the great thing about the points system is that you have great flexibility and can change the dates, type of accommodation and even destination depending on how many points you buy. Although you buy the equivalent of a timeshare week(s), you can then use the points like currency. Many timeshare operators have tiered systems so that depending on your points the greater your options.

    The way it works is that you buy points, say to the value of a one week luxury 3 bedroom timeshare and then you can tailor each vacation to your specific needs. One year you may stay for 2 weeks in a one bedroom apartment or even split your points and vacation three weekends in the year in different destinations.

    The key benefit to the points system is flexibility and freedom to use your property as and when is convenient for you.


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