What is a Timeshare Lawyer?

    Technically speaking a timeshare lawyer is a professional who has graduated from law school and who works with timeshare and fractional ownership contracts. There are few lawyers who dedicate themselves only to dealing with timeshare contracts, as they usually extend into real estate or consumer rights.

    Many people confuse lawyers with attorneys. A timeshare lawyer will help you with legal advice concerning a timeshare purchase or guide you through your timeshare contract, however, only a timeshare attorney can represent you in a court of law. In order to represent you in a timeshare case or class action, your legal representative must have taken specific bar exams in a related field.

    Timeshare operators and developers will work with both timeshare lawyers as well as attorneys. Timeshare lawyers will deal with preparing contracts and checking the validity of deeds and clauses, while attorneys will represent them in any legal action. The most common kinds of cases where a timeshare attorney might represent a timeshare operator is to enforce the payment of maintenance fees or to defend a class action suit.

    Class action suits are more common than is necessary owing to the number of class action scams. While clients are unlikely to win against the clauses in their contracts, they are encouraged by unscrupulous timeshare attorneys to join a class action suit, paying a fee, only to lose their case.

    Following a career as a timeshare lawyer is possible although not that common as most lawyers who take on timeshare cases will also attend to other types of legal proceedings. Nevertheless, specializing in timeshare laws could make you a good living. Otherwise, it is best to join one of the larger timeshare companies or vacation clubs as an in-house legal representative.


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