Mexican Timeshare Scams: Villa del Palmar

    It is relatively easy to save yourself from a timeshare scam in Mexico and one of the first steps to take is to do a little investigation on the internet or with friends about the company selling the timeshare. Straight away you will see who is a genuine company and who is selling fraudulent contracts or non-existent products. The good thing about investing in a timeshare in Mexico is that the government have taken certain steps over the last few years to regulate the timeshare industry to protect buyers. Nevertheless, you should still beware the obvious scams.

    It won’t take long for you to discover that Villa del Palmar units are legitimate timeshare properties belonging to timeshare developer and operator, The Villagroup. The company has over 30 years of expertise involved in timeshare and all its evolving models. You really won’t find a more genuine timeshare product in Mexico than Villa del Palmar.

    It is very unlikely that you would be involved in a timeshare scam when buying a Villa del Palmar property if you purchase direct from the company at a timeshare presentation as the majority of problems that Villa del Palmar buyers and sellers encounter come from resale scams and rental scams. You can protect yourself from being scammed by only buying from the developer and to avoid any Villa del Palmar purchases on the Internet.

    A scam that is less and less frequent, but which has gone a long way to damaging the reputation of timeshare in Mexico is the fake seller who is not actually working for a timeshare company but who pretends to be. In these cases, you may not go to the actual hotel, but see videos and the proposals. It maybe that the hotel is not yet built. You should be very wary when buying a property that is not finished unless you do so from a reputable company that already has a chain of hotels where your purchase is valid.

    Villa del Palmar resales can bring a lot of problems too. Some resale timeshare owners have been caught out by inheritance laws following the death of the original owner. You may find that you lose your property to the wife or children of the deceased. Additionally, you need to check the validity of a resale agent upon buying or selling a Villa del Palmar timeshare, making sure that you don’t pay any upfront fees as these companies are nearly always scams.

    Finally, owners of Villa del Palmar timeshare properties should beware any phone calls from unknown sources who claim to be timeshare attorneys or lawyers. These scams try to get owners to think that they have a claim against the timeshare developer in exchange for large legal fees and a lost case.


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