Timeshare Schemes – the Myths Uncovered

When you are about to invest in a timeshare, you are right to be skeptical and suspicious. Often timeshare schemes are just too good to be true. However, there are many myths about timeshare that deter people from following their dreams when a little research and common sense can reveal the truth about timeshare.

Firstly, many scaremongers say that buying a timeshare is high risk. While that may be so if you are involved with a timeshare scam, genuine timeshare companies offer a low risk investment. You buy a property and as long as the timeshare company are in business you will have access to it. When you buy with a long standing company, the likelihood of them going bust is very slim.

Skeptics also argue that a timeshare is not good value for money forgetting that you actually buy something much more luxurious than you could afford to buy with full ownership. You might spend the same as you would on renting cheap accommodations, but what you are receiving is a whole class above that of a standard room.

Returning to the same place every year is also quoted as a disadvantage, the myth being that a timeshare is not flexible. Timeshare owners on the other hand, often see this as an advantage as they get to build a community of friends and the familiarity helps them to relax. Even so, buying a timeshare is not inflexible, modern schemes actually allow you to join residence clubs and vacation clubs, which mean you can swap your dates or visit a different location if you choose.

The myth that timeshare is not for everyone is also flawed. There is no definable timeshare type, except those who want to benefit from luxury accommodations at great prices! Timeshare is not limited to retired couples but can suit all kinds of people, including young families.


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