Timeshare: Avoid a Nightmare

    Being a timeshare owner is supposed to be a dream not a nightmare. You own a luxury property at a fraction of the price and avoid the hassle of maintenance, simply enjoying the fruits of your labor. So what are the causes of timeshare nightmares? Take a look at the advice below:

    The first thing to bear in mind when reading bad reviews about timeshare is that most complaints are related to deliberate timeshare scams rather than the legitimate industry itself. Therefore, a sure way to avoid a timeshare nightmare is to buy from a reputable and long-standing company like Villa Group, who have lots of experience in choosing perfect destinations and building great resorts and accommodations. A good timeshare operator does not need to scam customers, their excellent product should sell itself.

    Also, think carefully about the kinds of vacations you like to take. Timeshare is perfect for those who like to return to the same place and feel like they belong somewhere. If that is the case, then think about the destinations you would like to make your home away from home. Another point is to consider if there are direct cheap flights from your city to the destination, otherwise that could make taking advantage of your timeshare more difficult.

    Be aware of all the options. There are lots of ways to buy a timeshare, from fixed week schemes, points programs, flexible weeks etc. Avoid disappointment by being clear about what works for you and choose a scheme that makes your timeshare work like a dream for you.

    Always pay your maintenance fees. A common nightmare results from unpaid fees that bring about legal proceedings. Maintenance fees are an essential and non-negotiable part of your contract and ensure the good running, upkeep and quality of your investment.

    Finally, beware of timeshare resale scams. This is a sure way to enter into a timeshare nightmare. Sometimes owners are approached by a company claiming to have a buyer for their property for an introduction fee and then you never hear from them again. Avoid a scam by opting for a licensed broker, should you ever wish to sell.


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