Mexico Timeshare Uncovered

    With some of the best offers on the market, Mexico is a popular country for buying a timeshare and one that is renowned for its first rate destinations that have something for all kinds of visitors, including young and retired couples, families, and groups of friends.

    One of the main attractions of a Mexican timeshare is the high standard of accommodations. In General, timeshare properties in Mexico are famed for being very spacious with fully equipped kitchens and excellent quality furniture and appliances. For example, The Villa Group timeshare units all have areas for dining and socializing, as well as furnished balconies. Furthermore, such timeshare groups are also paving the way for a new style of luxury fractional ownership attracting those looking for something extraordinary and opulent.

    The predictable weather in the coastal regions of Mexico such as Cancun, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta also add to the success of the timeshare industry. Guaranteed sunshine and great temperatures can’t be beaten, especially during the winter months. You would be very unlucky not to have great weather throughout your entire stay.

    For timeshare owners coming from Canada or the USA, Mexico is the perfect destination for flights. There are flights to Mexico from a large number of cities in North America and many are direct and reasonably priced. The length of the flights are also not very long, which ensures a more pleasant journey, particularly for those traveling with pets and infants. In addition, there is no visa requirement for Mexico and all visitors receive a tourist card to fill out on the plane.

    Although Mexico gets a rough ride in the news, the tourist industry is booming and your investment in a timeshare there is as safe as anywhere else. While you are not going to get rich buying a timeshare no matter where you purchase your unit, if you buy from a reputable company, your investment in a lifetime of vacations is pretty secure. The Mexican government have also put into place certain regulations to support consumers when buying a timeshare. This is in response to a history of fraudulent companies that have given genuine companies the hard task of cleaning up the timeshare image.


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