Time share rentals are becoming more and more popular as people are seeking the benefits of larger accommodations with cooking facilities located on the property of great resorts in fantastic destinations. In the past, the only real choices you had for a vacation was a hotel or private rental. Nowadays you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

    The beauty of renting a time share is that many time shares are located on the grounds of excellent resorts, such as the Villa Group brand, whose Villa del Palmar resorts are also home to excellent value time share. In these cases you rent a time share, whether privately or through an agent, and you can use all the facilities at the resort such as swimming pools, kids’s clubs, spas, gyms and so on. It feels like you are a guest at the hotel (no one knows any different) but yet you have the autonomy of renting your own place.

    Many time share rental properties have kitchens and dining areas, which make it very convenient if you are traveling with a family. It can also save you money on eating out at restaurants all of the time.

    As a time share owner, you get to benefit from renting your time share on those occasions when you cannot travel to your timeshare. Renting your time share will cover your maintenance costs and more, giving you more flexibility and the potential to make a little profit.

    Time share owners have a few choices how to rent your unit. The most profitable is to do so privately, and therefore avoid paying any agents fees. However, the easiest option is to rent your time share through an agent or even use the time share operator to manage any rentals.


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