Beach Rental or Hotel Room?

    Can’t decide between a beach rental and booking a hotel room?

    Not everyone takes into consideration the option of vacation rentals when they are booking their vacations. There are many advantages of a beach rental rather than a hotel room, with some options providing the best of both worlds. The most important thing to acknowledge before make any reservations is what you want from your vacation, how much you are willing to pay and how much independence you wish to have. Armed with that information, it should be easy to decide whether a beach rental is best for you or a hotel room.

    Beach Rentals

    The benefit of vacation rentals is that you can be very specific about what you are looking for: Villa? Mansion? Condo? Studio? Beachfront? In the mountain? Downtown? In a quiet neighborhood? The list goes on. Your preferences can be met. For the best range of options, a rental agent is a great place to start, especially if you do not know the area where you want to rent or do not speak the local language. A rental agent will take a commission but their services give you the assurance of having a contact when you arrive and the security of their expertise. Some agents will visit the beach rental you have chosen to check for specific details.

    Other advantages of beach rentals is that you can find a property for any budget and any number of people. This can save you money in comparison with booking multiple hotel rooms or an expensive residential suite in a hotel.

    Hotel Rooms

    Depending on your budget and the hotel where you are planning to stay, hotel rooms are generally much smaller than vacation rentals and can work out more expensive. When traveling with a family, you may find there is little privacy when hosting children and adults in the same hotel room and booking two rooms seems a waste of money and not advisable with younger children. However, the benefits you gain from renting a hotel room are the services you receive and the installations such as larger pools, often direct beach access and concierge assistance.

    You are more likely to find hotel rooms available for last minute bookings and so require less advanced planning than beach vacation rentals. There is also no question of whether the rental is genuine and you can be sure to find plenty of reviews on tripadvisor and other such hotel reviews sites,

    Timeshare Rentals

    An alternate that many people do not consider are timeshare rentals and renting from fractional owners. These units are generally much bigger than your usual hotel room and you get the best of both options. When renting a timeshare, you can choose the size that will fit your family with many boasting kitchens and other home-from-home facilities. You will also find many timeshare rental opportunities located on the premises of larger resorts, meaning that you can also take advantage of hotel services and facilities.

    Rent by Owner Vacation Rentals

    For even greater savings, you may consider renting direct from owners, whether that be timeshare owners or full ownership. In this way you cut out the middleman and save yourself money on commissions. There are a number of websites dedicated to direct owner rentals where you can read reviews and comments about the properties. Although the is some risk involved, there are easy ways for you to check how genuine the rental offer is, and you stand to save money.



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