Rent ATVs in Cabo San Lucas

    Rent ATVs in Cabo San Lucas

    When you first arrive in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California you should take an ATV Tour, and experience the wild side of the Sea of Cortez, which will provide you with pure excitement and an adrenaline rush.

    Amazing Experiences

    An ATV tour will allow you to experience an amazing 21-mile ride through San Jose del Cabo and San Lucas. Both coastal towns will provide breathtaking and memorable scenery as well as rugged desert terrain to enjoy on a bumpy ride. No matter if you are riding down the sand dunes, cruising down the shoreline on the beach, and riding through the 200-year-old Indian village on an ATV, you will be having a blast in Cabo San Lucas.

    In Cabo San Lucas, you will see so many things to do. It’s not hard to notice what the city has to offer. The locals will all tell you that if you really want to experience the city to the fullest, then you should rent an ATV where you can head out on an amazing adventure. Let the wind flow through your hair, and don’t forget to bring your family and friends, then together you all can visit the Migrino Beach and Desert, “Los Paredones”, and “La Candelaria”. Each one of these locations will provide you a magical adventure in Cabo San Lucas.

    Most Visited ATV Locations in Cabo San Lucas

    La Candelaria is just north of Cabo San Lucas about twenty-five miles. There you can see an amazing, yet fascinating 200 year old Indian village. It is a unique and remarkable village that is known for its black and white magic, and many ATV tours are offered to the village, so visitors can really get an experience that is unique. There is no more than sixty people in the village, and the village continues to live a very traditional life that has been going on for centuries. Life hasn’t changed in the village, and has very little to no modern luxuries or comfort that Cabo San Lucas has.

    Migrino Beach is another favorite ATV location that is just off the coast of Baja California. The beach is an open beach of over three miles of soft, beautiful sands along with the sounds of waves and marine life that can be seen clearly from the beach shore. This is an excellent place to take an ATV, because of the beach, sand, and desert. Los Paredones also provides cliff towers of 100 foot high, so you can see the ocean for miles. Tourists visiting Cabo San Lucas pick this location as their number one ATV tour.

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