4 Tips to avoid Vacation Rental Disasters

    avoid Vacation Rental Disasters

    If you’re considering spending your next year’s vacation in a rented home, there are some things you should remember to avoid a vacation rental disaster. Renting a vacation property rather than staying in a hotel may seem easy but the whole process of booking and paying is full of deceptions and tricks. You will want your vacation rental to be in the best location, well-furnished and amazingly comfortable as your accommodation plays a vital role in having an unforgettable vacation. Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way we have wanted.

    To safeguard your well-being and interests, here are some useful tips to avoid vacation rental disasters. Following them can save you from being sorry and unsatisfied later on.

    Visit the Place Before Making Your Booking (not always possible)

    Most people give their full trust as to what is advertised on the internet. Little do they know that everything there is enhanced and made to look good to entice would be renters. If a certain vacation home catches your fancy, exert the effort of visiting the place and seeing it for yourself before hand. This is not always possible but is an option if you are returning to your favorite location as you can book your vacation rental for the following year. Alternative to visiting the property yourself is to pay an agent to look at it for you, or ask the owner to call you on Skype or FaceTime while they are at the property to give you a virtual tour.

    Booking through an Agency

    If you cannot visit the vacation rental prior to paying for it, book through an agency that prides itself of its high quality curated properties. These are certified blue chip properties that will make a fabulous vacation home as attested by the agency’s people. You may pay a little more for the service, but at least you are less likely to be involved in a scam. Adding a few dollars to the cost of your vacation rental can save you a lot of heartache, as it gives you the confidence and assurance of a decent vacation home.

    Credit Card is Better than Cash

    There are many cases wherein a rental agreement is cancelled or put on hold because of natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes and strong typhoons. You can always rebook or go to some other dates when everything is back to normal, but be sure to show something as proof of payment to make the cancellation and rebooking process a breeze. Using a credit card leaves a paper trail of evidences to affirm your claim.

    Check for Damages in your vacation rental

    Before signing any contract on a vacation rental whether abroad or at home, make sure you’re aware that everything inside is working and in good condition. Make a list of the damages and let the owner/management sign it, affirming that these damages were incurred even before you set foot. If you see broken glasses, defective electrical devices or damaged windows report it immediately so as to save yourself from any charges. You sure want to have your deposit back in full amount and not lessened by breakage fees for acts you didn’t commit.

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