How to Reduce Spending in Cabo

    Taking a vacation can be expensive and most of us want to find how to reduce spending on our vacations. While Cabo San Lucas is not expensive in comparison to other top beach vacation destinations such as Hawaii or the South Pacific Islands, nevertheless, if you are on a tight budget, there are some things you can do to reduce spending in Cabo San Lucas with some simple tips.

    Top 5 Tips How to Reduce Spending in Cabo

    1. Find a discounted hotel or resort

    This might seem like common sense, but shopping around for the lowest prices for your Cabo San Lucas getaway will help you to reduce spending in Cabo vacations even before you leave home. There are many ways to find discounted hotels and resorts; one is to look for discount websites that specialize in cheap Mexico vacations, the second is to join the mailing list or Facebook fan pages of your favorite resort chains that have hotels and resorts in Cabo. That way, you will receive email promotions and discounts.

    2. Book ahead of time

    Booking with plenty of time will save you money and it is a good way how to reduce spending in Cabo. You will be able to find the cheapest airfares and may even be able to book a budget airline or chartered flight.

    3. Budget Each Day

    Sounds boring, but one good way how to reduce spending in Cabo is to keep an eye on where your money is going and set yourself a realistic limit. Giving yourself a daily amount you can afford to spend will help keep your spending in check. It doesn’t mean that you can’t borrow from the following day, but at least it will keep you conscious of what you are spending.

    4. Book a hotel room with a kitchen

    Rooms or suites with cooking facilities will save you money if you have not opted for an all inclusive package in Cabo. Preparing a simple breakfast and being able to make sandwiches for days that you will be out of the hotel will help to reduce spending in Cabo. Restaurants are not so expensive in Cabo, but eating out can soon mount up if you do so every day of your vacation.

    5. Buy from Local Vendors and Haggle

    Avoid buying souvenirs and gifts in fancy stores. Help the local economy by buying your wares from vendors on the beach. You will find Cabo vendors are more open to haggling and you will have fun in the process. This way, you know that you are saving money but also helping someone directly rather than supporting big chains.

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