Pirate Ship Show in Cancun

Are you ready to take your family on vacation to Cancun? Do you know what exciting activities you are going to encounter? The pirate ship show in Cancun on the Jolly Roger is one of the best family cruises available – great entertainment, stunning Caribbean views, all you can drink and delicious food.

Pirate Ship Show in Cancun

The Jolly Roger Pirate ship show in Cancun was classified on Tripadvisor amongst the top 10 activities in Cancun thanks to customer reviews and it is clear why it is such a success. The pirate ship sets sail from Playa Linda Pier in Cancun each night (usually around 6.30pm) and the show begins. The pirates and piratesses greet you as you enter the port and their dastardly personalities begin to show until the cannons are fired and the pirate ship sets sail along the coast of Cancun.

Pirate Ship Show in Cancun

The Jolly Roger Pirate ship show in Cancun is a night of entertainment aboard a replica galleon modeled on the Santa Maria flag ship that Christopher Columbus sailed on his first journey to the Americas. The details on board are exquisite and match the tales of betrayal and pirate deception that unfold as the night goes on. You get to dine a three course meal in the belly of the Jolly Roger pirate ship and will have your very own personal pirate waiter who will tend to your drinks from the moment you step foot on the pirate galleon.


The actors aboard the Jolly Roger pirate ship show in Cancun are really talented, delivering a bilingual performance in Spanish and English as well as acrobatics, sword-fighting and swinging from ropes. The very latest technology in terms of lighting and special effects is also used aboard the Jolly Roger and you will be delighted by fireworks and cannon fire to finish off the night.

Aren’t you glad you chose Cancun for your vacations!

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