Recommended Timeshare in Mexico

Recommended Timeshare in Mexico

Timeshare in Mexico can sometimes receive unnecessary bad press. However, you can find some great options in the top vacation spots in Mexico. This article is intended to highlight some of the top recommended timeshare in Mexico.

For those looking for the most beneficial timeshare in Mexico, consider the following options:

Club Caribe and Villa del Palmar Cancun

Club Caribe is the name of the timeshare membership offered by Tafer Hotels & Resorts for Villa del Palmar Cancun (also a Villa Group timeshare resort). Club Caribe timeshare in Mexico also grants its members access to Hotel Mousai and Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta so long as members have enough club points to cover their stay. Villa del Palmar Cancun Beach Resort & Spa is a 5-star resort on a Cancun beach by the Caribbean Sea, where you will enjoy access to five outdoor swimming pools, 5 restaurants, free resort entertainment both day and night, a gym, deli, spa beneath palm trees, and so much more.

The Villa Group Timeshare in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, the Islands of Loreto, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun and Cabo San Lucas are home to eight of the most fabulous resorts belonging to the Villa Group Timeshare collection. Each destination is uniquely designed to suit specific types of travelers. For instance, there are some resorts focusing on luxury amenities and premium services; some focus on family activities; and some are specifically for romantic rendezvous. The Villa Group consists of Villa del Palmar, Villa la Estancia and Villa del Arco hotel brands. Each resort community has its own spa treatment facility, and residents can choose from one-, two- or three-bedroom suites, or opt for a studio unit.

Garza Blanca Residence Club

Tafer Hotels & Resorts’ Garza Blanca Residence Club is one of the most recommended timeshares in Mexico for luxury. You get access to destinations in Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, and will soon be able to enjoy Garza Blanca Resorts in Cabo San Lucas and the Riviera Maya. When you get a timeshare club membership with Garza Blanca Residence Club, your home resort will be the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta, where you can enjoy such amenities as premium room service, private chef services for in-room cuisines (can use points to pay for this service), 4 gourmet restaurants, free resort activities, squash and tennis courts, world-class spa and 3 swimming pools (2 which are infinity). You can likewise use your timeshare points to gain access to Hotel Mousai (Puerto Vallarta) and Villa del Palmar Cancun.

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