honeymoon puerto vallarta

How do honeymoons in Puerto Vallarta Rate?

Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s top honeymoon destinations. According to customer reviews, vacation blogs and honeymoon forums, Puerto Vallarta is a No.1 choice for honeymoon vacations.

honeymoon puerto vallarta

Ratings for Puerto Vallarta Honeymoons

If you look on TripAdvisor, travel.usnews, honeymoonsinc, you will find that Mexico regularly features as one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations. Puerto Vallarta receives highly favorable ratings and reviews for honeymoon escapes.

Why does Puerto Vallarta rate so high for Honeymoons?

If you have ever been to Puerto Vallarta, then it is very obvious why you would choose this Pacific paradise to be the location of your special honeymoon. Situated in a privileged geographical location flanked by mountains and ocean, Puerto Vallarta offers a unique setting.

The mountains are covered in tropical forest and the beaches are clean with bright yellow sand. Puerto Vallarta also guarantees sunsets over the ocean, which is the perfect romantic backdrop for honeymoon photographs, romantic candlelit dinners and massages on the beach.

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Another reason that honeymoons in Puerto Vallarta is so highly rated for is the climate. The weather is warm and sunny throughout the year, with the winter months being the most pleasant. This means that it offers greater options for honeymoons as it does not matter what date or time of year you get married, Puerto Vallarta’s weather will rise to the occasion.

The profusion of excellent all inclusive hotels, resorts and spas in Puerto Vallarta offering honeymoon specials and honeymoon packages is another reason to choose Puerto Vallarta from your honeymoon, especially if you live in North America and can take advantage of cheap short flights.

What is the verdict? How does Puerto Vallarta rate for Honeymoons? The verdict is that Puerto Vallarta is an ideal choice for honeymoons in Mexico. 10 out of 10!

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