How to Keep the Costs Down in Puerto Vallarta


    Vacationing in Puerto Vallarta is not expensive at all and it is easy how to keep the costs down in Puerto Vallarta. Accommodation is cheap when compared to the tariffs of hotels and resorts in USA, Europe or Canada and you can enjoy the spectacular beaches in Mexico at cheap rates. Just by choosing Mexico to spend your well-deserved vacations will help to keep the costs down in Puerto Vallarta. However, remember that overdoing it on cheap stuff adds up to your costs too and you can easily go overboard with your expenditure even before you realize it. There are many ways to ensure that you spend less but not compromise on the quality of your vacation, making the most out of it while keeping the costs down.

    Tips how to keep the costs down in Puerto Vallarta

    • Research and planning in advance – this helps a lot in saving some extra bucks. Nowadays, information on bookings and flights to Puerto Vallarta can be easily availed online. Do a good deal of research on airfares, ask other people on forums for their opinion on particular resorts in Puerto Vallarta, look for reviews to ensure that you’re going to a good place, contact tour operators or guides who can show you around independently and make the most of discounts and deals that are made available from time to time.

    • Choose offers and rates with all inclusive prices – such rates have no hidden costs. If you intend to spend greater amount of time at the Puerto Vallarta resort, opt for packages that have meals plans included in the rates. This would also help you save on taxi fares and eating out in Puerto Vallarta. However, do not miss out on the local cuisines if you’re experimental. Ask the locals for suggestions on places where you can have a taste of the best local food at cheap rates.

    • Stores in Mexico accept other currencies like US dollars. However if you intend to shop around for souvenirs and other stuff at local shops and flea markets, it is best to do so with Mexican currency, Pesos. This avoids the trouble of having you to pay extra because of inconsistent exchange rates.

    And thats how to keep the costs down in Puerto Vallarta!


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