Beware Timeshare Resales – Villa del Palmar

    You will surely see advertisements and notices on the Internet and local newspapers promoting Villa del Palmar timeshare resales. Thanks to the popularity and success of Villa del Palmar units in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Loreto, these timeshare properties are prime investments. However, the timeshare resale market is a tricky business and few people come out without having encountered at least one or two scams.

    It is hard to tell genuine timeshare resale from the fraudsters. This is made even more complicated by the fact that Villa del Palmar’s developers, The Villa Group do not endorse any company that resales its properties, so it is hard to know what is the real deal. Therefore buyers and sellers of resale Villa del Palmar timeshares do so at their own risk.

    You may find a number of timeshare customer reviews and accounts on-line and in timeshare forums talking about Villa del Palmar scams, and you will discover that most of the scams mentioned have nothing to do with the original sale of Villa Palmar timeshares but are in fact referring to resale scams. For example, there are many agents offering to sell your timeshare but what most will ask of you is a joining fee. In many of these cases, the agent will never sell your property but will have benefited from your fee. A way to avoid this is to use an agent that takes a commission rather than charges a fee or by selling your timeshare privately to friends of friends etc.

    One of the most prevalent resales scams to affect Villa del Palmar happy timeshare owners are the bogus phone calls offering amazing prices for Villa Palmar timeshare units. These agents claim to have buyers willing to pay exceptional prices for the timeshare, which is very attractive for owners who have finished paying for their timeshare because they appear to stand to make an excellent profit. In most cases, the buyer is nonexistent but the agent charges you a fee and the bogus buyer pulls out at the last minute. There have also been scams whereby the agent asks the owner to perform a survey of the property using a company recommended by the agent. This survey has a high cost and one which goes into the pockets of the scammers.

    If you are in desperate need to sell your timeshare, perhaps due to a bereavements, divorce or financial problems an alternative to selling would be to rent your unit to friends and family or through a website forum. The best (and more likely genuine) buyers are those that you will meet privately or through a trusted agent.


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