What are the Advantages of Trading Power

    One of the global leaders in timeshare exchange, RCI uses the term “trading power” to mean the value given to timeshare properties that are listed by its members for exchange. RCI acts like a huge inventory of timeshare units in almost all vacation destinations throughout the world. Membership with RCI allows you to book vacations, swap your timeshare and even take advantage of special discounts.

    So what is trading power?

    As a member, you may wish to exchange your timeshare week for another destination, type of unit, or even dates. When you deposit your timeshare for exchange, your property is classified and given a number of points. Your timeshare will be judged on its location, size, the demand of the destination, customer review amongst other criteria. This means that all properties are evaluated on the same terms to be able to provide a fair swap: a three bedroom ocean view property will not have the same trading power as a one bedroom garden view unit.

    One way that you can optimize your trading power is to trade a timeshare from a popular destination and/or during high season. You will secure better trading power if you deposit a Christmas or Thanksgiving week. The other way to help your trading power is to make sure you deposit your unit with plenty of time, anywhere from 2 years to 9 months in advance.

    The great thing about trading power is that once you have accrued your points you don’t lose them and any left over points from one year can be banked to go towards a vacation the following year. Maybe you only want to use enough points for a weekend in a low demand location and so the remaining can be used for a longer break or more luxurious apartment the next year. Flexibility is at the heart of trading power.


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