Visit Cancun and Enjoy Bacalar Pueblo Magico

    bacalar near to cancun

    The Secretariat of Tourism in Mexico began a mission to promote the beauty and magic of a number of the beloved towns in this nation in 2001. Only a few towns were on the list at first, but after fifteen years the Magical Villages (Pueblos Magicos) program has named 83 villages for how they embody the vibrant, beautiful spirit of Mexico. All of the towns provide visitors with a magical experience that is full of a rich and varied culture and history, as well as natural beauty.

    Pueblos Magicos

    The Pueblos Magicos can be found throughout the 31 states of Mexico. They show something that is quite different than what the sun-filled destinations on beaches have to offer. The resort areas of Los Cabos, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta each are magical in their own ways, but it is the incredible history, rich culture and quaint size that makes the 83 places nothing short of magnificent.


    Bacalar was placed on this list in 2006, because it is connected to Mayan history. The seaside village has long been a major trading center in Central America. It was sacked by pirates, since it contained plenty of dye wood and wordly merchandise. Though there are no longer any pirates, Bacalar is still a place that people are drawn to when they visit the Caribbean coast of Mexico.


    Bacalar is an ideal spot for water-related activities, just like many of the other destinations surrounding it. There is a gorgeous lagoon that is several shades of blue and is located right in front of the city. People enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and going out on small boats while there. It is truly picturesque, with its natural landscape, old-fashioned Mexican culture, and a display of the region’s history.

    San Felipe Fort

    The San Felipe Fort is a reminder of the battles against the Europeans, along with protections that were necessary to have in place from pirates. It was constructed in 1729. In Bacalar, you also will find an underground group of submerged caverns that are collectively known as Cenote Azul. There are some amazing archaeological sites from the great Mayan civilization that still can be viewed.

    Only a few hours from Cancun, this village of Bacalar is a great place to take a day-trip. It is a must-see destination when you go on vacation in Villa del Palmar Cancun.

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