Villagroup Timeshare Scams

    Villagroup timeshare Scams

    Villagroup ScamsIt seems to be a sad fact that the prevalence of timeshare scams in the 80s and 90’s has left a scar on the reputation of genuine timeshare companies, even to this day. As such the most common question receives is what level of risk there is surrounding timeshare scams, and how to avoid them.

    The good news is that I can confidently answer that timeshare scams are not half so common as they used to be; when buying directly from a timeshare provider the danger is next to non-existent. In fact it is an impossibility so long as you buy from the salesroom on the resorts grounds. The danger only rises when you dabble with resales or cancellation lawyers.

    What is the potential for Villagroup Timeshare scams?

    To be fair, the potential for Villagroup scams is pretty low. If you buy directly from the Villagroup’s saleroom then you are in no danger at all. You only face danger of a scam if you deal with unsavoury timeshare attorneys who claim to be able to waive your timeshare fees, or if you agree to sign paperwork off-site with a bogus seller.

    How can I be certain I am not involved with a Villagroup Timeshare scam?

    Firstly, the reputation of the Villagroup timeshare speaks largely for itself. This is a timeshare company that operates many resorts all across Mexico, which has been a pioneer in the field, and has a sparkling thirty year reputation for quality, value, and fair play. One of the greatest benefits of joining the Villagroup timeshare is that, despite its reputation, it is a relatively small company in comparison to others where scams are more frequent, and focuses on offering a personalized experience. Their small size also means that it is much harder for scammers to slip under the net.

    What kinds of Villagroup Timeshare Scams do I need to beware?

    There is no direct Villgroup timeshare scam, though there may be fraudsters who might use their name falsely. Watch out for those who might claim to be selling a timeshare unit when you are not physically on site; such resale scams are more common for all legitimate timeshare providers as scammers will seek to cloak their fraudulent behaviour with legitimate names. The trick to avoiding these scams, however, and, in fact, any scam is to buy only from the company. Deal with the timeshare operator directly and in person. Villagroup timeshare scams involving resales, are also a common complaint, which Villagroup has no control over.

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