Villa Preferred Access Member Benefits

    Villa del Palmar Timeshare Points

    In Mexico there are many reputable and wonderful vacation clubs; with that in mind, you might ask what makes joining Villa Preferred Access such a good choice?

    Villa Preferred Access Member Benefits

    For a start, joining Villa Preferred Access means that you are a member of one of the most highly thought of vacation clubs in Mexico! Not only this, but Villa Preferred Access member benefits extend to enjoying the possibility of staying in any of the Villa del Palmar Timeshare resorts in Mexico, including Villa del Palmar in Cancun, Villa del Palmar Cabo, Villa del Arco (Cabo San Lucas), Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Palmar Flamingos and Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto. This is because Villa Preferred Access unites these resorts in a points based system that offers flexibility, quality and value for money.

    Other than the inbuilt security that joining Villa Preferred Access gives you thanks to the solid reputation of the Villa Group Timeshare, its operating company that boasts over 30 years delivering quality timeshare products, there are quite a number of additional benefits.

    Villa Preferred Access Members Accommodations

    The accommodations, resort facilities and locations available to Villa Preferred Access members are truly top quality; you are guaranteed to experience the highest level of quality and luxury year after year, no matter the destination! In fact its certain that you’ll be looking to escape to your home away from home in Mexico as often as physically possible!

    One of the main Villa Preferred Access member benefits, however, is that your timeshare will be points based rather than allocating you certain fixed dates! You will receive a certain number of points, depending on which plan you buy, and these points can be spent in any number of ways and locations. With Villa Preferred Access you can stay in Cancun, the Riviera Nayarit, the Islands of Loreto, Baja California and Puerto Vallarta and even divide you points to take more than one vacation a year in more than one location. You can also choose to stay for longer periods of time in more economical accommodation, or for a shorter time in luxurious upgraded suites!

    As you can see, Villa Preferred Access aims to please its members first and foremost; in fact, you can even bank unused points, or borrow when needed in order to make sure you can always have the vacation that you envisaged!

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