Villa del Palmar Loreto’s Glamping Bungalows

    Villa del Palmar loreto timeshare

    Villa del Palmar Loreto resort offers guests something new when it comes to vacationing. It’s not your ordinary fun in the sun type of tropical vacation, but it comes with a twist assuring one of an ultra glamorous experience. The Danzante Bungalows, set within the Baja California Resort offers a weekend of glamping – glamorous camping. It’s the in-thing nowadays, where you can get an up and personal to the natural beauty surrounding you and be enchanted with the magical ambience that the islands of Loreto gives.

    Reserving a Danzante Bungalow at Villa del Palmar Loreto

    Reserving a Danzante Bungalow gains you access to an 800 square foot of luxury cabin that you can call home. It’s close to the beach, so you can find yourself walking on soft, flour like sand. It’s a travelers dream of fully enjoying nature at its best, making a vacation truly exhilarating and fulfilling. If you want to have a full view of the vast ocean, you can pull back the panels of your cabin walls exposing the marvelous beauty that’s in front of you.

    Glamorous Studio

    Your luxury suite has a spacious master bedroom area with a comfortable king size bed and complete amenities like a bathroom, a living room and a private balcony, where you can drink a glass of margarita while chilling out. You can admire the sights of nature and feeling relaxed anytime. The night can be simply amazing as you gaze at the stars and lose yourself in the wilderness of the night.


    The big difference with the Danzante Bungalows is that you are accommodated within the privacy of your own suite with climate control, an outdoor Jacuzzi and a sound system, adding extra fun as you go through this unique experience. The divine comforts and the added amenities will surely make vacationing in nature reach even higher levels, where luxury becomes a natural thing.

    The captivating beauty of the picturesque Sierra de la Giganta Mountain Range and the charm of Danzante Bay’s calm waters would make any vacationer wish that these moments won’t come to an end.

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