Truth about Cabo Time share Presentation Scams

You may have heard a lot of horror stories about time share presentation scams in general, most of which are the same stories regurgitated time and time again. However, the truth of the matter is that in Cabo San Lucas you would have to be pretty unlucky to get involved in a time share presentation scam. Although there are still time share presentation scams to beware of, with the following advice, you should be able to keep yourself safe from a time share scam in Cabo.

The first thing to consider is under what circumstances were you invited to attend a presentation in Cabo. Where you approached at Cabo’s airport while still in an authorized zone? Did you receive an invitation from someone on the street in Cabo standing outside a store, restaurant or gallery? Did you receive an invite from the concierge when you arrived to your resort or hotel? Or perhaps you agreed to attend a presentation when you were still back home in return for discounted vacation accommodation in Cabo San Lucas.

You can be sure that the time share presentation in Cabo is genuine and not a scam if you were invited while still within the official area of the airport. Beware if you were invited while in the car park or by a taxi driver taking you to your hotel as these promoters will not be licensed and you are at risk of walking into a scam. Reputable time share companies have permission to approach tourists on the streets outside stores and restaurants but they should have official identification. Beware anyone who approaches you on Cabo’s public beaches. Invitations from concierge or in exchange for discount accommodation are almost guaranteed to be the real deal.

The best way to avoid a scam is to only attend a time share presentation that is promoted by a licensed promoter in specified areas. Avoid invites that take place in buses, bus stops, taxis, public beaches (as opposed to outside your hotel) and in seemingly random places where the promoter does not have an official stand or uniform.

Another way to protect yourself from a time share scam in Cabo San Lucas is to beware any presentations that do not take place on the resort being promoted. That is, you are taken somewhere else, other than the resort to see a presentation and see pictures of the resort for sale. In these instances, you could fall into an expensive scam where you buy a resale timeshare at developer prices, or you buy a timeshare that does not exist. The same is true for pre-sale resorts; only buy pre-sale time share from a renowned developer while at an official sales office.

You will most likely be offered a free gift for attending a timeshare in Cabo and these can be anything from discounts to day passes to bottle of wine. If the gift seems outrageously generous, beware – the presentation is likely to be a scam or your free gift could end up costing you more than you bargained for. The best free gifts are those where you qualify for heavily discounted vacations, but they are easy to check if they are genuine by looking them up on tripavisor or the internet.



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