The Movement to Reduce Trash in PV

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    Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and natural beauty. Plus, the cuisine is authentic, traditional and tastes wonderful, too. They offer everything from cheap street tacos up to high end fine dining. As a result, many people love to vacation in Mexico. Some people even choose to invest in timeshare ownership in Mexico, because they love spending their vacations here. Smart travelers invest their money in a Villa Group vacation club membership, so they can regularly vacation in Mexico. Have you enjoyed a Puerto Vallarta vacation or a different Mexico destination? If you have, then you may have noticed that trash and litter is a major problem. However, positive changes are happening now to reduce the trash and litter issue. Working together, we hope that Puerto Vallarta will be greener for all future generations. Read below to learn more about the movement to reduce trash in PV.

    Working Together To Reduce Trash in PV

    Many generations ago, the habit of throwing trash on the ground began. It was customary for people to throw trash or broken things away in their backyard or in the woods more than 100 years ago. However, those items were made of wood or clay that was biodegradable so it wasn’t a big deal. Sadly, once plastics were introduced it became a huge problem with negative effects on the environment. Aluminum cans, fast food wrappers, soda bottles, and plastic containers didn’t exist back then. These types of products are negatively impacting the environment for hundreds and maybe thousands of years. We must reduce this any way that we can.

    The Movement to Reduce Trash in PV

    Many residents in Puerto Vallarta want to do something about the trash issue. For instance, an American expat from California John Benus, who is currently living in Puerto Vallarta, created the “War Against Litter”, which is a movement to reduce trash in PV and neighborhoods. John Benus lived in Talpa de Allende previously, and he did a litter campaign there, too. In Marin County, California, he led the “Adopt a Highway” more than twenty years ago, to create a much cleaner and healthier environment. His philosophy is it is very important to share his vision of improving the environment with others.

    Limpia Tu Barrio – Trash Campaign

    Tania Gedmintas is a British expat and artist that has also been working on an important trash campaign called “Limpia Tu Barrio”, which means Clean Your Neighborhood in English. She promotes carrying a bag throughout your day, so you can pick up trash throughout the day. She started this trash campaign when she would take her children on walks. They started picking up the trash and taking pictures of the bags of trash for social media to promote her campaign. Many people started doing the same. Thanks to her dedication and efforts, the city is getting cleaner. If everyone joins in, it will bring forth positive benefits that will last for a long time.

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