Top 6 Landmarks in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is a dream vacation location for many, and it’s no wonder when the city boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Baja California, a wonderful Marina, and some really great nightlife to keep you entertained. There’s so much to do that you might actually have trouble deciding what should be on your list. We can help; these are our top 6 Landmarks in Cabo San Lucas to visit!

  1. El Arco (The Arch)
  2. Vacationing in Cabo San Lucas is great, but no trip would be complete without a visit to the geological wonder that is the El Arco rock formation! This monolith rises from the sea at Cabos’ southernmost point and is a great location for those who want to go snorkelling, sea-lion watching, or pelican spotting. A number one landmark in Cabo. A word of advice, though; don’t try to do them all at once! In fact, if you’re really really lucky, you might be able to see whales passing the formation in the winter time.

  3. Cabo San Lucas Marina
  4. One of the top man made landmarks in Cabo San Lucas is the Marina. It is a world-class landmark that delights locals and tourists alike on a regular basis. Here you can book a water taxi to take you to El Arco, find a spot to rest your own boat if you’re lucky enough to have one, shop, dine, and find various forms of entertainment to make the day memorable. You can also reap the benefits of the venerable market that takes place at the marina. In this market you will find artisans of all descriptions selling everything from textiles and clothing to jewellery and original artwork!

  5. Cabo Dolphins
  6. Cabo Adventures in Cabo San Lucas runs this landmark attraction and hosts great activities for adults and kids alike! This activity is really popular so you’d be best to book your visit in advance. The dolphins here are really friendly, and very well cared for! Take home some lasting memories and experience the beauty of nature first-hand!

  7. Chileno Beach
  8. Chileno beach is one of Los Cabos most popular spots for a range of activities. With safe swimming waters, pristine sand, and pretty much guaranteed sunshine, Chileno beach is the perfect place to snorkel, kayak and jet-ski. One of the best free landmarks in Cabo.

  9. Vitrofusion Glass Blowing Factory
  10. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at the art of glass blowing then the Vitrofusion glass blowing factory in Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place to go. This renowned landmark factory is a wonderful place to watch, and learn from, the masters! At the end of the day you can even take home your very own piece to admire. The most artistic of the landmarks in Cabo.

  11. Land’s End / Finisterra
  12. At the south most point of Baja California you can find Land’s’ End otherwise known as “Finisterra”. Here at this geographical landmark in Cabo, nature meets man, and land meets sea in the most definite of ways. It’s claimed that if you were to head south from here you wouldn’t meet land again until hitting Antarctica! Not only is it beautiful, but it’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy the day!

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