Playa de los muertos, Puerto Vallarta

    According to all the evidence on the internet and customer reviews, Today Getaway Scams are unfounded. There is no evidence that Today Getaway is a scam.

    There have been a number of comments on the blog about people getting a call from a company named Todaygetaway, leaving a missed call on your phone registers. You can be assured that there is no evidence of Today Getaway scams. In fact agents from Today Getaway are calling to tell you about discounted vacation accommodation at top beach destinations in Mexico.

    Playa de los muertos, Puerto Vallarta

    Today Getaway is not a scam or a phishing call, it is a telesales company trying to sell you a discounted vacation package to destinations in Mexico. You can trace the telephone call to a number that is found on the Today Getaway website and see that the destinations on offer are Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto and Cancun. When you compare the prices offered on the discounted website, you will see they are very low in comparison to like for like hotels and resorts in the same destinations.

    According to customer reviews, the prices quoted on the website are genuine and Today Getaway scams are not a danger. You just need to speak to a sale agent who will guide you through the reservation process to make sure you are eligible to receive the extra discounts offered on the website.

    Check out the Today Getaway website or give the travel agent a call yourself for more information. Today Getaway Scams?  No, just really low prices!

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