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    While being called out of the blue by a telesales call center can be irritating, a call from Today Getaway 1-877-216-4046 could be the best one you will receive this year! Today Getaway are a travel company who offer continuous discounts on vacation accommodations in Mexico. offer discounted deals on hotels and resorts in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Loreto. So, if you live in a city in Canada or the USA where cheap flights to Mexico are available take advantage when they call.

    Mexican Destinations Offered by Today Getaway 1-877-216-4046

    Cabo San Lucas

    Cabo is best known for its sunny desert climate, cacti and, of course the El Arco rock formation at Lands End. With Today Getaway 1-877-216-4046’s discounted accommodation deals, however, it’s also the ultimate good time vacation location at the lowest costs. With loads of restaurants, bars and even camel rides on the beach you’d have to actively try to avoid the fun!


    Cancun is the a prime destination for sun lovers due to its year long warm temperatures and sunshine. Glorious beaches await you and with Today Getaway’s offers, you can expect great accommodation in prime locations at a fraction of the cost you will find on other travel websites. In addition, Cancun is primed with a vast array of activities for the adventurous, romantic and party-lover. Parasailing and swimming with whale sharks in Cancun will thrill you, dinner for two on the beach will court you and the nightclubs will fascinate you!

    Puerto Vallarta

    With arms wide open and a friendly smile on everyone’s face on the Pacific coast stands Puerto Vallarta. Voted the Worlds Most Friendly Destination in the past it is just as friendly today as ever before! Today Getaway 1-877-216-4046 offer gorgeous accommodations at a great price within the warm hospitality and sun soaked surroundings of Puerto Vallarta. Magic and wonder are alive and well here. Frequent turtle hatchings set against a backdrop of coved beaches and green jungle will blow your mind. Make Puerto Vallarta an affordable reality for you with Today Getaway!


    On the sea of Cortez lie the Islands of Loreto which are, it is argued one the best kept secrets Mexico has to offer. Peaceful and beautiful, Loreto is the perfect couples’ getaway. The accommodations offered by Today Getaway 1-877-216-4046 are simply the perfect addition to this vacation spot made in heaven as they won’t break the bank. Imagine the most relaxing vacation with Today Getaway 1-877-216-4046 – only a call away!

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