Timeshare swaps and Exchanges

Timeshare Swaps and Exchanges with Interval International

Timeshare owners can enjoy many benefits when they purchase from a reputable timeshare or vacation club. Foremost on the list of benefits for timeshare owners is the flexibility they get by being able to swap and exchange their timeshares for other destinations. Timeshare swaps and exchanges are often available as options within your own timeshare company, but can be limited to the number of resorts owned by your timeshare provider. That is where Interval International comes in. Most good timeshare companies will also be affiliated with an international timeshare exchange company like Interval International or RCI as a means of opening up the possibilities for timeshare owners even further.

Timeshare swaps and Exchanges with Interval International

Interval International is renowned for being one of the world’s leading vacation clubs whose main line of work is dedicated to timeshare swaps and exchanges. It boasts of about 2 million happy members making it the second largest exchange network in the world. It has been in the business for over 40 years and has affiliated itself to about 2,800 resorts and hotels found in more than 80 countries. The name of Interval International is synonymous to luxury vacations and is known for arranging high quality accommodations provided by the finest in the timeshare industry.

Interval International

The major feature that appeals to most timeshare owners is the ability of Interval International in matching relevant timeshare swaps and exchanges according to its members’ desires and preferences. Swapping your timeshare week for your dream resort or getting points in exchange for it is very easy. Members can simply sit and relax, while Interval International works its magic in assuring a perfect holiday escape.

How do you qualify to be a member of Interval International?

Being a timeshare owner at one of Interval International’s affiliated resorts is all you need to be qualified to become a member of the club for a small fee. However, Interval International also permits one to buy points directly as a passport to join the exchange network. All exchanges are turned into a points score which makes exchanging simple. It encourages members to use their points to enjoy their dream resort within a specified period of time that their points allow them. If you’ve been busy all year long and can’t indulge on a vacation, you can actually save these points for the future.

Can I stay in a world-class resort without swapping or using points?

Definitely, your membership enjoys so many perks that staying in first class accommodation whenever you desire is totally possible. You can still be accommodated in a beautiful resort by renting out timeshare properties of other club members or buy purchasing special offers on getaways.

Added benefits

As a teaser, there are more benefits that await each member. You can get sizeable discounts, primarily on your flight cost, expenses on car rentals and even gastronomy options.

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