Should I Beware UVC Scams?

The simple answer to the question of whether UVC is a scam is “no!” However, scams often use the names of reputable companies such as Universal Vacation Club as a means of tricking people into trusting them. Currently there is no scam circulating that involves UVC in any obvious way and so in general there is no need to mistrust your involvement with Universal Vacation Club.

Owners of Villa del Palmar timeshares should have no reason to suspect that their contact with UVC is fraudulent as Universal Vacation Club is the entity in charge of administering maintenance fees and exchanges for timeshare owners at Villa del Palmar resorts. However, if you suspect a scam involving UVC, please contact the company directly using the telephone numbers and emails stated on your contract or in official correspondence with UVC just in case there is some kind of phishing scam happening.

On a day to day basis, UVC’s purpose is to facilitate timeshare owners in their use of Villa Preferred Access Points, exchanges of timeshare weeks and the collection and administration of maintenance fees. While timeshare maintenance fees often get bad press  (no one likes paying maintenance fees even though they are essential), Universal Vacation Club is not scamming anyone. In fact UVC is a mutual benefit company.

So, before you start panicking about whether your UVC maintenance fees are a scam, read the information about what Universal Vacation Club does with your fees. You should also receive regular accounts that show where your money has been spent.


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