Sea Turtles Arrive to Puerto Vallarta

    Sea Turtles Arrive to Puerto Vallarta

    In Puerto Vallarta during the summer, you can expect to find many different kinds of sea turtles coming back to the place where they were born to create the next generation of sea turtles. Because the turtles in Puerto Vallarta return in droves to their native origin between the months of July and December, many people native to the area have launched campaigns to protect sea turtle wildlife. Several beaches in Puerto Vallarta have established sea turtle conservation programs so people can appreciate the natural beauty these creatures add to the environment.

    Sea Turtles Arrive to Puerto Vallarta

    For the past 30 years, tourist companies, hotels, and regional restaurants have all come together to help Puerto Vallarta locals conserve the Olive Ridley sea turtle and other creatures in danger of becoming extinct. Because of excessive ocean fishing, pollution and the natural cycle of life, the sea turtle population has drastically decreased over time—making them an endangered species. It is the goal of local environmental groups to establish sites throughout the town that will help maintain the sea turtle population and make people aware about sea turtles in the environment.

    Watch turtles lay their eggs in Puerto Vallarta

    A lot of the resorts are filled with the beauty of sea turtle night life during sea turtle season in Puerto Vallarta. When the sea turtles are out, they devote many hours to creating their nests in the ground, and it is a marvel to watch them as they accomplish this feat. The sea turtles wait for the right season to be available in order to lay their eggs. Then once the eggs are deposited into the nests, the sea turtles return to the ocean and remain there until the next season comes for them to lay another batch.

    Turtle Survival Rates

    While the baby sea turtles are planted in the ground, they have to fend for themselves, which means they have a hard road ahead of them to make it into adulthood. According to research, out of 1000 sea turtles, only 1 manages to survive and becomes an adult. With grim statistics like this, there is no secret as to why these creatures need help ensuring their survival.

    Puerto Vallarta Turtle Season

    Between the months of July and December, tourists will appreciate the various programs designed to protect baby turtles as they transition from being a baby to an adult. The entire family can join in on the fun of releasing the baby sea turtles into the ocean. After all, there is nothing more precious than cradling a baby sea turtle in your hands and bidding it farewell as you release it to the sea.

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