Rent By Owner (RBO) Timeshare

    Rent by owner accommodations are a popular way of finding excellent places to stay on vacation, whether in beach destinations, countryside or city. Traditionally, you can rent all kinds of properties from apartments and studios to villas and luxury mansions depending on your budget and what you are looking for. A less well-known RBO option is the opportunity to rent a timeshare apartment, which you can do directly from the owner or residence club member of a resort.

    Renting timeshare is a great option because most timeshare apartments are located on the grounds of resorts that offer all sorts of services such as restaurants, spas, fitness centers, swimming pools and so on. You rent an apartment but also gain all the benefits of a resort lifestyle. You can take advantage of the large, spacious units that are customary for timeshare and enjoy the autonomy that renting an apartment offers. At the same time, you can order room service, go to the spa for a treatment or relax by the pool with a cocktail in hand.

    Renting a timeshare is also great value for money. The prices for renting timeshare are generally very reasonable and usually cheaper than renting a hotel room in the same resort. Many timeshare units have kitchens and dining areas, which means that you can prepare meals in your suite. Another advantage of renting a timeshare is that you can sleep as many guests as are allowed by the number of beds available, many timeshare units have extra sofa beds so that you can economize by sleeping your whole family in one unit.

    Renting direct from the owner has its own conveniences. Rather than consulting a rental agent, you can ask all the questions you need answers to directly to the owner and can be more prepared for what you are about to experience. You also save money on rental agent fees and taxes.

    Finally, renting a timeshare unit is a good step if you are considering buying a timeshare. Renting from a timeshare owner will give you insight into whether purchasing timeshare membership is an attractive option for you. You can enjoy the experience as though you were a member before deciding if you want to make a full commitment.



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