Is it Possible to Break your Villa Group Timeshare Contract?

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    If you are considering how to cancel or break your Villa Group timeshare contract, then you are in the right spot. This article will help you become more aware of the things associated with the possibility of breaking your Villa Group timeshare contract.

    Break your Villa Group Timeshare Contract

    Before you can know whether it is possible to break your Villa Group timeshare contract you need to consider the grounds for your cancellation and the history of your purchase. For example, did you purchase your timeshare contract from one of the following reputable resorts: Villa del Palmar Cabo, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Arco, Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, or Villa del Palmar Cancun? If you have purchased your Villa Group timeshare directly from the sales rooms at these resorts, then you have to accept the legality of these contracts; there is no legitimate way to break your contract without facing penalties and possibly legal action against you. The official Villa Group sales rooms located within the aforementioned Mexican resorts are genuine timeshare contractors. This means these memberships cannot be cancelled, and are enforced by the same laws as any other contract.

    Beware scam companies that offer to break your Villa Group timeshare contract.

    When you are looking at the ways to break your Villa Group timeshare contract you will find a number of dubious timeshare cancellation companies online. Some may even advertise directly that they can break your Villa Group timeshare contract with a legitimate cancellation. Please note that these companies are not endorsed by Villa Group timeshare, nor are they registered with ARDA, the entity that protects the timeshare industry from frauds and scams.

    After taking your money on the pretext of being able to break your Villa Group timeshare contract, these timeshare cancellation companies will give the impression that your cancellation was successful, when in fact all they have done is redirected your post so that you do not receive the demands and court notifications. The membership dues and timeshare loans under your name continue. It will be heartbreak once you discover that your contract was not actually broken, you already spent time, money, and effort, and still end up with defaulting your timeshare membership.

    Your Timeshare Contract Will Guide You

    Read your contract carefully to determine if your cancellation is within its provision. Check also if cancellation, if allowed, goes with a penalty, or not. If there is a clause describing that a cancellation is possible, then pursue with your cancellation with your Villa Group timeshare representative. You do not have to ask assistance from other companies.

    Take Advantage of the Cooling Off Period

    This cooling off period is one of the provisions in Mexican law protecting timeshare consumers and buyers. When you have decided to break your Villa Group timeshare contract, a certain amount of time is given in which you may cancel your timeshare. Again, your contract will guide you or your sales representative from the official sales rooms in the Villa Group resorts will give you more information about how long this period is. Once the cooling off period is over, no cancellation will be entertained.

    If you have any timeshare contract cancellation experience with the Villa Group, please share them below. Your comments and suggestions are also welcome.

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