Is Puerto Vallarta Safe During Hurricane Season?

    The City of Puerto Vallarta - Sunny Day

    Is Puerto Vallarta safe during hurricane season? Situated in Banderas Bayon the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is lucky to have protection from most hurricane activity because of the Sierra Madre mountains. However, recently Hurricane Nora passed through the area on August 28th, 2021 and caused damage to some areas in downtown. Due to significant rainfall from the storm, local rivers overflowed which caused the unfortunate loss of homes, properties, and lives. However, Puerto Vallarta residents are proud, hard working, and already rebuilding the damaged parts of Puerto Vallarta’s Emiliano Zapata neighborhood. Read more below to learn more about whether Puerto Vallarta is safe during hurricane season.

    Is Puerto Vallarta Safe During Hurricane Season?

    In general, Puerto Vallarta is safe during hurricane season. Each summer the area receives lots of rain that helps keep the Sierra Madre mountains lush and green. Hurricane Nora dealt significant damage to Puerto Vallarta and other coastal towns on the Pacific Coast of Mexico on August 28th. Heavy rain caused flash floods that overflowed local rivers that flow down from the Sierra Madre mountains. As a consequence, flooding and mudslides caused some bridges, buildings and homes to collapse and fall into the rivers. Likewise, water rescues were undertaken in order to help people due to the powerful waters. Neighborhoods in downtown Puerto Vallarta were hit the worst and covered with mud and debris after the storm passed.

    Local Residents At Work in Puerto Vallarta

    After the storm, residents and authorities are hard at work cleaning up the city’s affected zones. Thankfully, Hurricane Nora did not cause any major damages to local hotels or resorts. Minor damages to the tourist establishments consisted of fallen trees and garbage on the beaches. Local business owners, military and volunteers are proving that Puerto Vallarta is one of the friendliest’s cities in the world with their efforts. The friendly welcoming residents are committed to help rebuild damaged sections of PV. Construction crews began quickly assessing how to rebuild the local bridge that partially collapsed. Similarly, citizens are rolling up their sleeves and cleaning up the mud and debris as quickly as possible. With so many people working together, Puerto Vallarta will be back on its feet before you know it. If you’d like to help, donations can be made to local businesses and families in need.

    Puerto Vallarta Hurricane Season

    In general, the hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta typically occurs from August through October. However, Puerto Vallarta has been fortunate to only receive minor damage when compared with other coastal towns. Climate change may be contributing to a higher incidence of powerful storms. However, the overall number of storms may drop because stronger wind shear could prevent weaker storms from forming. If you are wanting to head to Mexico for a vacation, PV is welcoming visitors right now. The Sierra Madre jungle is lush and vibrant green thanks to the heavy rainfall. Local resorts and businesses are safe and secure after the storm, and ready to safely welcome visitors. Likewise, resorts and local businesses have hurricane training and protocols to keep guests safe.

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