Exclusive Timeshares – Villa Group Exchanges

With the passing of the years, the Villa Group has transformed into a highly regarded, world class timeshare developer and operator, boasting an ever-growing collection of classy resorts in Mexico. The quality of its resorts and timeshare products has been constantly evolving, offering superb prices. The company has established itself commendably over the last three decades and continues to be leaders in the timeshare property market in Mexico.

The Villa Group Timeshares Best Practice

The Villa Group’s track record is impressive, and any kind of timeshare purchase at Villa del Palmar is a genuine, worthy deal. You can be confident that buying a timeshare from The Villa Group saves you from timeshare frauds and scams. This company takes an active role in making sure that its staff adhere to best practice rules; all sales agents are subject to strict principles and guidelines about the information presented to potential buyers to reduce the risk of misunderstandings and misleading sales. At Villa Group, the policy is that quality and excellence sell all by themselves.

Villa Group Exchanges – Internal and International

Buying a Villa del Palmar timeshare with Villa Group opens up a world of possibilities for exchanges. For example, say you purchase a timeshare at Villa del Palmar in Cabo San Lucas. Most likely, you will have bought points with Villa Preferred Access. In this case, those points can be used at any of the Villa Group’s Villa del Palmar resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Cancun and Loreto. These internal exchanges are facilitated by Universal Vacation Club (UVC) who administer these Villa del Palmar timeshare reservations. In this way, when you purchase Villa Preferred Access membership you don’t just buy a timeshare in one place, you buy the option to use any of the Villa Group’s timeshare units according to your points balance.

Can You Exchange Your Villa Group Timeshare globally?

Villa Group’s timeshare products are eligible for Interval International Vacation Club exchanges. This global exchange network opens up the possibilities to exchange your Villa del Palmar timeshare for all kinds of vacation experiences, including cruise vacations or swapping your timeshare for a property located in almost any other country in the world.

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