Don’t Cancel Timeshare, Upgrade

    Cancel Timeshare

    As we grow, our needs and desires change; this is true of all parts of our lives; vacations are no exception. As people age and their family’s grow and change they often find that their timeshares no longer work for them the way they used to. Whether they find that the level of their timeshare membership makes it hard for them to use, or they simply want more variety, many people end up considering getting rid of their timeshare; this is where timeshare cancellation scammers step in and falsely claim to cancel timeshare.

    Don’t Cancel Timeshare

    Did you know that there is an alternative? Besides the fact that you cannot actually cancel timeshare—that is just a misleading idea that timeshare cancellation scammer spin you— you have a better solution: upgrade it!

    I can’t use my timeshare, therefore it must be a scam

    Some of the most common complaints on fake “how to cancel timeshare” websites are those concerning people who have bought the lowest level timeshare membership available, and as such have been restricted to booking the most popular units and dates. This means that they can struggle to book accommodation unless they do so a long time in advance. As you can imagine many people find this worrying and frustrating; they wonder if they have been the victim of a scam and search how to cancel timeshare on online forums etc.

    Alternatively, people may find it difficult to book a vacation if they take up their membership in the middle of the year; at this point most of the really popular dates and units will have been booked already. Though both of these scenarios will place people at a disadvantage, they have not been scammed. Nonetheless they may feel disillusioned or concerned and begin to look for a way to cancel timeshare; this is how they may fall victim to timeshare cancellation scammers.

    What’s the real solution?

    Stop thinking about how to cancel timeshare and focus on making the best of your membership. The best solution in such instances may not actually be to cancel or sell your timeshare; it could very well be to upgrade your timeshare membership. An upgrade will give you more points and more freedom when it comes to unit type, length of stay, and of course location.

    A few words of warning, however; do not be fooled into thinking that a competitor will buy your timeshare and upgrade it for you. You will simply be buying a second membership which runs in tandem to your first. Furthermore, when you upgrade through your current provider make sure that it is an upgrade and not a second membership which you purchase.

    If you’re unsure about, or unable to, upgrading you should consider taking a vacation every second year to save up your points, or (alternatively) renting out your membership on those years which see you unable to use it. Finally, if you wish more variety you can always link up with exchange networks like RCI and Interval International.

    The key to successful timeshare membership

    In many ways the key to successfully holding your membership is to view it as an investment in your future vacations at today’s prices. This is where upgrading becomes a real asset; if you upgrade as and when you can you will always have a membership which offers that little bit extra to you.

    Beware timeshare cancellation companies

    Be very wary of anyone who claims to offer cancellation solutions to yourself as a timeshare owner; they may claim that they can offer you a free consultation (and potentially a service) which may result in your being able to cancel your contract without negative consequence. This is pure fiction; if you are no longer within the cooling off period you cannot simply cancel timeshare contracts with or without their help. You can’t cancel timeshare. Period!

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