Class Action Fraud – Villagroup Timeshare Members Beware!

    Class Action Fraud - Villagroup Timeshare Members Beware
    A new timeshare scam to watch out for…


    Yet another scam is circulating and affecting timeshare owners, this time it is directed at Villa del Palmar owners and Villa Preferred Access members of The Villagroup Timeshare resorts collection. It is unclear so far as to how widespread the scam is, but a number of Villa del Palmar owners have made complaints about receiving phone calls from individuals posing as timeshare attorneys or lawyers.

    The way the scam works is that you receive an unsolicited telephone call from what appears to be a timeshare attorney firm. The caller begins by saying that he or she represents a group of owners involved in a class action suit against The Villagroup Timeshare. The scam comes when the representative starts asking you to share your personal information.

    To avoid a scam or timeshare fraud, unless you can verify the legitimacy of the person calling, it is common sense not to divulge personal information over the telephone.



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