Villa del Palmar Timeshare Islands of Loreto

Beware Villa del Palmar Timeshare Resale

What many people don’t realize is that many of the scams and problems owners encounter related to timeshare are not in fact directly caused by the original timeshare operators but rather by third parties such as resale agents or bogus timeshare advisers masquerading as attorneys or lawyers.

Avoid Resale Market

In the case of Villa del Palmar timeshare you would do well to avoid the resale market. These timeshare properties are very popular and thus are attractive investments should they come up for resale but buying a secondhand timeshare comes with its disadvantages and potential economic pitfalls.

Limited Flexibility

The first problem people encounter when buying a Villa del Palmar resale timeshare is that you are not entitled to all the same rights as the original owner, such as access to the vacation club style membership benefits associated with Villa Preferred Access. You are more than likely only going to gain access to the unit you have bought for the fixed week, therefore limiting your flexibility, which is part of the beauty of buying a timeshare at Villa del Palmar in the first place.


Other problems have occurred in the past related to the legalities of timeshare ownership in cases where the original owner dies before the end of the contract term. There have been occasions where beneficiaries of the deceased’s will win the rights to the timeshare property, leaving the second owner with nothing to show for their investment.

Telephone Scams

Another common resale scam that has been associated with the Villa del Palmar properties (but with no relation to the original developer, The Villagroup), are telephone resale frauds. Because Villa del Palmar properties are so popular, many happy owners are targeted for resale scams. Owners who are generally at least two thirds into their timeshare contract are called with an offer to buy their Villa del Palmar timeshare. For owners who bought their timeshare years ago, the offer many seem very attractive and profitable thanks to inflation. However, the catch comes when you pay an introduction fee to the agent who calls and then never receive the correct information about the buyer.

Best Advice

The best advice for people interested in buying a Villa del Palmar timeshare is to go directly to the original developer, in this case The Villa Group, or take advantage of one of their sales trips, whereby you gain a discounted vacation at one of their resorts in return for attending a timeshare presentation. That way you get to try the product firsthand and will also benefit from being able to join Villa Preferred Access which opens up your possibilities of exchanging your property for other destinations.


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